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Universidad de Valencia / Instituto de Ciencia Molecular

The research of Instituto de Ciencia Molecular of the University of Valencia (UVEG) is focused on molecular nanoscience and includes from the chemical design and study of new functional materials using a molecular approach, to the processing of these materials and the fabrication of molecular-based electronic devices.

Role in the project

UVEG will synthesize molecular systems and layered antiferromagnets based both on inorganic and metal-organic materials. UVEG will also carry out the preparation and characterization of hybrid molecular/AF interfaces by depositing and patterning the molecular components on the AF surfaces, or by inserting a monolayer of a 2D antiferromagnet in between the molecular layer and the AF substrate

People involved

Prof. Eugenio Coronado (PI)


Alicia Forment-Aliaga


Guillermo Mínguez-Espallargas


Salvador Cardona Serra


José J. Baldoví



Eugenio Coronado

Universitat de València, Instituto de Ciencia Molecular

Catedrático José Beltrán Martínez nº 2 46980 Paterna, Spain

+34 963 54 44 15