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Technische Universität Dortmund

TU Dortmund (TUDO) is a leading German Technical University, located in the Ruhr region, and known for interdisciplinarity cooperation between the major four scientific areas (1) engineering and computer science, (2) natural sciences, (3) social science and (4) cultural sciences. The department of Physics excels in research on quantum effects in solids, hosting a DFG International Collaborative Research Center (TRR 160) with St. Petersburg University on coherent manipulation of interacting spin excitations. The Cinchetti Group of the Physics Department involved in SINFONIA focuses on molecular spintronics and on the femtosecond manipulation of the magnetic order in antiferromagnets, magnetoelectrics and two-dimensional electronic systems.

Role in the project

TUDO will lead Wp2 and will be mainly in charge of the time-resolved magneto-optical pump-probe spectroscopy of and photoelectron spectroscopy with advanced photoelectron analyzers (spin-ARPES and momentum-microscopy) coupled to a femtosecond-XUV source. Recently the European Research Council has founded Cinchetti's ERC consolidator grant project hyControl: coherent optical control of multi-functional nano-scale hybrid units, that lays its solid foundations in the scientific landscape of molecular spintronics and in the group's expertise in time-resolved spectroscopy methods to achieve coherent control of the functional response of nano-scale molecular hybrid units.

People involved

Prof. Mirko Cinchetti (PI)


Umut Parlak (Postdoc)


Giovanni Zamborlini (Postdoc)


Jonah Elias Nitschke (PhD)



Prof. Mirko Cinchetti

Fakultaet Physik

D-44221 Dortmund Germany

+49 (0)231 7555438